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Revisiting Mission Statement (sent on behalf of Andy Wallis)

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Revisiting Mission Statement (sent on behalf of Andy Wallis)
by Kathy Filatreau - Friday, September 24, 2010, 3:00 PM

Dear Whittier College Students, Staff, Faculty and Administrators:

Our mission statement guides us and defines us, and there are reasons, both practical and philosophical, to revisit a mission statement on a regular basis. This year it is WASC. In spite of this mundane impetus, FEC hopes that you will join us in rethinking and reaffirming the central document of our community.

Our timeline is tight. We would like to have a final document in October and thus propose the following schedule:

● Sep 14th - 27th Introduction to Our Mission Statements and Open Submissions

● Sep 28th Discussion, Selection of Best Proposals

● October 12th*: Publication, Sharing of a Proposed New Mission Statement

● October 26th**: Proposal passage...

● ...More meetings if necessary, of course

Please note in the above that the open submission period ends on September 27th. Proposals and other comments will be shared at the September 28th faculty meeting.

During this process faculty want to consider ideas from all sectors of the campus, so we encourage you to send us your ideas or simply your comments, which we will share with the faculty. Before making your submission, you may want to consider some of Whittier’s past and present mission statements in the resources below.

Mission Statement: 2004 Curriculum

Mission Statement: 2008 Discussions

Mission Statement: Current

Mission Statement: Faculty Handbook (on web)

Faculty should submit proposed changes on the FEC Moodle site. Everyone else, please submit your mission statement proposals directly to me ( If you want your submission to be anonymous, please submit it via email and let us know of your wishes.

Initial approval will happen when faculty reach consensus on the proposed document. From there, it goes on to consideration by the Board of Trustees.

Thank you,

Andy Wallis

Chair, Faculty Executive Committee

Associate Professor, Deparment of Modern Languages

109 Deihl Hall