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Students - Is your email Inbox full??

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Students - Is your email Inbox full??
by Kathy Filatreau - Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 4:38 PM

Students – if your email box is full you will not receive forum postings from your Moodle class (or any new email for that matter.) If you have a web mail address that you would prefer to receive these email at, you CAN forward your email. The Information Technology department can help you with forwarding, it is easy to set up from inside your MyWhittier site. Otherwise, it is the students responsibility to monitor their mailbox and make sure there is room for incoming mail.

You can also determine how you want to receive forum posts; one at a time, or in one daily bunch. If you choose once daily you should choose to highlight unread posts. That way, if you open Moodle, any unread posts are clearly visible whether you’ve seen your email or not.

To change this setting follow the instructions below:

You can choose to change how you view posts by:
Opening Moodle

Clicking on the word Profile (left side of Moodle page)
Clicking on the Edit tab
Change the forum fields as below

forum setting