This is an introductory course on American Government that will advance your knowledge of civics as well as provide a platform to engage in a critical analysis of democratic principles and how they are put into practice. We will examine the institutional structures, political actors, and vital constitutional debates that shape and define American government and politics. By exploring the historical development and founding of the United States, discussing major debates about the structure of our republican form of government, connecting the three branches of government to contemporary politics and elections, and critiquing the American constitutional system, students will deepen their individual and collective sense of citizenship. In doing so, we will explore how the people, whether they be lobbyists, judges, citizens, activists, and/or policy-makers work within the current American political system to achieve their objectives. In this class, we will also pay special attention to the role of identity politics and analyze how global factors affect American political decisions. We will explore how the US Constitution applies to everyday life. This course will leverage technology as well as offer dynamic methods to practically apply the themes discussed, such as through mock policy debates, digital content available via Moodle, and using visual aids to learn the content (power points, websites, videos, etc.).