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Attention to Faculty: Transition to Turnitin

Attention to Faculty: Transition to Turnitin

par David McCaslin,
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As per our announcement in the summer regarding Turnitin's acquisition of  Ouriginal (Urkund), we explained that for the fall semester, Ouriginal and Turntin would both be available for this semester only.  Turnitin would retire Ouriginal by the end of this calendar year.  Consequently, the transition to Turnitin has taken place as of December 15th.  

You will not be able to create new activities using Ouriginal and no one will be able to upload new papers using existing Ouriginal assignments. That's by design since all of the papers/reports have already been copied over to Turnitin's servers and Ouriginal's servers are being decommissioned on the 31st.

If you have any questions, please contact us at